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Whorld 1.7.06 is a visualizer for sacred geometrical patterns
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Whorld 1.7.06 is a visualizer for sacred geometry. In short, sacred geometry is a balance between mathematical patterns and geometry which is said to be present in light, music, and, well, life. The application allows you to somehow create those geometrical patterns by simply modifying certain values and creating oscillations. When you first start the application, you will see a basic geometrical pattern coming at you. Using the buttons on the menu bar, you can tweak that image in a variety of ways. You can rotate the color hue, create an x-ray view, pan and zoom around. Everything you do will have a direct effect on the geometrical feature. Whorld has several functions that allow the application to work on full-screen mode. The VJ feature puts the geometrical feature you created on full-screen mode and allows for sound input. If you don't understand or don't care to understand what this application does, you could always use it as a screen-saver. I've noticed that there is a panic button, which stops your creation. I wouldn't stare at the screen for a long time with this application open; who knows, you might go in trance and try to jump off a window, seeing that the Church of Euthanasia is behind this project.

José Fernández
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